All of Your Glory

It took almost an entire year before I could go visit Tata again. I still had a great deal of shame. Who am I kidding? I still do have a great deal of shame. Not dedicating my life to her as I did when she lived with me? It is shameful to me. So how was I able to finally walk through the doors of the facility? I forgave myself and only because a song came on to snap me back to the living. The hurricane of emotions were finally sorting themselves out. Continue reading

Too weak to die.

When all the stress becomes too much. When the struggle to stay positive becomes overwhelming. When nothing in your own mind seems to be right. When everything I just said is true, to you, you pray for silence. Why? Continue reading

How can anyone prepare for death?

This is going to sound like a dark question because it is a dark question. How can you prepare for death? More specifically, how can you prepare for the death of a loved one? Is it even possible? I don’t think so. There is no preparation for death because you start the mourning period long before death actually comes. Continue reading