The Sunny Chronicles


Sunny is my 15-year old Lhasa Apso. She is a precious blind diabetic dog who’s been through a lot. My husband and I have always wanted to share Sunny’s story but until we figure out how, I’m going to chronicle Sunny’s life, one story at a time, through this blog. On the surface, it may not seem like chronicling Sunny’s history fits in with the theme of my blog. But trust me, it really does. The purpose of this blog is finding the strength and love in our lives no matter how dark the day may seem. Sunny has often been my source of strength whenever I reflect on all that she’s survived. She has also been an endless outpouring of love. So I’ll share her story through her voice as best I can. Considering I cannot read minds, these stories should be considered fiction for the most part, but “inspired by true events”.  I really want these stories to be short reads – just for fun – so you’ll see a new story once a month. You can also experience more of Sunny’s life by looking to the bottom right of this page to see her latest Instagram feed. I hope you enjoy Sunny’s story!

Sunny Palacios: July 25, 2002 – March 29, 2017