Just breathe.

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Something terrible has happened. You feel excruciating pain. You are in agony. You feel powerless. Your body and your mind begin to numb you. Soon, you’re still. There is a buzzing. Not only do you hear it, but you feel it. You keep breathing.
Breath. It is the one thing you don’t have to control. It is beyond you. Trust it. Just keep breathing.

You cannot think. You are numb. That breath is your peace. Search for it. Allow your body to bring you clarity in your darkest of times. Just keep breathing.

Breathing is half the battle. If you continue to breathe, then you are winning. Regardless of what you think. Regardless of what anyone thinks. Just keep breathing.

Rely on your breath for as long as you need. Observe…without judgment. Let your mind and your body heal with each breath. Just keep breathing.

Song “Keep Breathing” by Ingrid Michaelson

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