Five ways to bring joy into your life

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Now, there are definitely more than 5 ways to bring joy into your life but I’m talking about the 5 ways I actually brought joy into my life…accidentally.

  1. Music – so… you’re alone, feel like no one understands you and that you have no “true blue” friends. Well, put some upbeat music on. The lyrics don’t have to be all “walking on sunshine”. The lyrics can definitely be very “blow me one last kiss”. The point is to have the actual melody be fast paced enough to rejuvenate you. Dance, jump, sing your heart out, scream or cry it out. You’ll notice that, eventually, all of that moving will have pushed some of that depression out of your soul, leaving room for some joy to reside in you.
  2. Shut up and listen – I don’t mean for that to sound aggressive but I need you to focus here. Seriously, stop yapping about anything and everything. Stop distracting yourself and pay attention to all that is around you. Listen to those nonverbal cues from strangers who need help. Become aware of real life. Not just the story in your head.Sure, you may find people asking if you’re okay, thinking something is wrong with you. Let’s face it, there might be because you’re searching for joy. But your life isn’t about them right now. Well, it never was about them. Your life is about you.
  3. Help – help someone without being asked. You see a person in a wheelchair struggling  at a curb,  run over and help. After all, asking for help isn’t easy but, don’t you appreciate it when someone just takes the lead to help you? I know I do. Because sometimes, I don’t want to be in charge or bossy, or maybe I don’t want to seem bothersome. And helping, without being asked, well it’s rewarding. You just helped someone with a difficult situation and made her day that much more tolerable.
  4. Leave your house and chat with someone – that second part is key. You can’t just leave your house just to sit at Starbucks playing minecraft or scrolling through pictures of cute kittens. Leave your house so you can interact with someone new. Even if it’s just the barrista or grocer. Take an interest even at the smallest level.
  5. Breathe and start over – yea…when it comes down to it, just breathe. “Find joy in the smallest thing”. That’s what people say, right? So why not let that “smallest thing” be you? You are on this planet in the form of a human being for some reason, so appreciate it and make the most of it. What else do you have to do? So breathe, take a moment and start over again.

With the new year coming around, people tend to only see the negatives in their lives. Take this time to create the positive joy if you cannot see the positives easily.


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