Suicide. Is it a selfish act?

So are the commentators and survivors left behind selfish for saying the one who died was selfish? On the surface, absolutely. We’ve established as much by the definitions above. If we go deeper, and find out how they are hurting, are they still selfish? Well…that is just too many layers to dig into in this one blog and I am not equipped with the knowledge to handle that discussion adequately. But what my gut says is yes. Possibly. And only because the people left grieving are grieving about their personal loss. What losing that person means to them, the ones who were left behind. Are we trying to find out more about why their loved one decided to induce his/her mortality? Are we getting deeper with those who are still in our lives to ensure our surviving loved ones do not choose suicide? Are you? I mean, 800,000 people commit suicide every single year. We have all been touched by this in some way, shape, or form.  Are we doing better to connect with others? Is it safe to assume that only those suffering from a mental disorder are the ones who would contemplate suicide? Are we getting better at picking up on those signs of our loved ones in distress? I’m not sure. But that’s a different discussion for another blog.

So what is the point to this long blog? I guess it’s to never stop believing in the absolute best in other people because ultimately, we just have no clue as to what they are dealing with on a deeper level. Show compassion and patience. And when in doubt, stay silent and just listen. And for those who do fall into waves of self-doubt and truly believe that committing suicide is the only option, just sit still with your eyes closed and wait for the wave to pass, and for the next day to begin. It sucks, but sometimes the only way to get to the other side is to just go through what you’re trying to avoid – life. Living a full, happy life should be the goal. Finding out how we get to interpret what that life looks like is our blessing. So don’t give up. You are stronger than you know. So who ever is reading this, whatever the situation, there is a lifeline for you. There are people for you.


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