The Sunny Chronicles: I’m so blessed

October 2, 2011

Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

“Today started out like a regular day. Alex, Missy and I went out for a nice leisurely stroll around our neighborhood. It was a bit chilly but the walk was nice. Missy left us after a while and it was just me and Alex. Alex and I don’t get much 1-on-1 time so this was extra special. We strolled, I smelled grass, claimed some new territory, and then we went to a parking lot with a handful of other folks and their pets. It wasn’t your typical doggy park but hey, it wasn’t a veterinary office so it was all good with me! After being sick for a while, I was enjoying the day out. Alex and Missy are still pricking me behind my neck for some reason, but it stings less and less every day so I let them continue. They can’t keep it up forever, right?

Well, while we’re in this parking lot, bells start to ring and a tall old man in a white flowy cover starts to speak. I mean, he smelled a bit smokey, was holding a large stick and making funny movements with his hand while these other two other guys in all white followed. I was pretty bored and ready to leave when Alex started walking toward the man. We were all lined up, people with their pets, and the old man came to every pet. Most of us were dogs. There were a few annoyingly loud cats in cages, some rabbits, as well as some other creepy crawly type animals. When the old man finally came to me and Alex, he asked why we were there. Alex mentioned something about my leg, my itchy eyes, and then diabetes. I’m thinking the diabetes is why they keep pricking me in the neck, but anywho…after the chit-chatting was over, I was hoping to leave. Do you think that’s what happened next? *UGH* Right when I thought we were going to finally go home, all of a sudden, the old man doused me in water. Doused me! Like drenched! Yup! Of course that horrible old man poured water all over me! And I thought he was a sweet old man. Goodness! You just can’t trust anyone anymore can you? Seriously! The worst part of it is that Alex thanked the old man. Thank you? Really? Thank you for drenching my little dog on a chilly day? That does not make sense at all, but Alex was happy. Alex says I was blessed.

According to Missy and Alex, being blessed is a good thing and now bad things won’t happen to me anymore. Fine. If they say so. I just wish I got blessed before that old man poured the water on me because that was bad thing if I do say so myself. Sheesh!”

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