The Sunny Chronicles: The scary, great, big world

November 2002

“Yea, I said it. The world is scary. It is. There are so many objects on the floor or flying in the air or falling on you from the sky. How can other dogs run into the danger with such confidence? Missy and I were strolling this morning and it was fun. I still trip over my feet a bit but that is to be expected. I mean, who can walk a straight line when she’s only 4 months old? Either way, the point is, we were out and about. Strolling. I was sniffing around, getting to know the neighborhood, you know, catching up on the news, when all of a sudden, I was pushed back. Something invisible pushed me.  I’m telling you, I saw nothing but whatever it was, it was powerful. It lifted me off the ground for a few moments and pushed me back. I tried to hide but it was everywhere. It was as if I was covered by this invisible thing. I think Missy called it “The Wind”. What a scary name. Whatever it’s called, all I know is, it was rude.  It would come and it would go. And if that wasn’t enough of a fright, guess what happened next? You won’t believe it. I hope you’re sitting down. O.K. …Breathe….something called a “Plastic Bag” flew up and attacked my face!!! It attacked me!! It. Attacked. MY FACE! Then, it attacked Missy’s leg! Can you believe that? I think it was angered by The Wind but that is no excuse. I’ll tell you this, the Plastic Bag may have caught me off guard today, but I am going to give it a piece of my mind the next time it tries to come anywhere near me. Craziness I tell you.

*SIGH* You would think that being attacked by The Wind and Plastic Bag was enough excitement for one day, right? Well, it wasn’t. While Missy and I were still out on our stroll, I was attacked yet again. This time, it was from the sky. Wet drops were just flinging themselves at me. I couldn’t escape them. I started to run away as fast as I could, hopping over my own feet, but I was not fast enough to escape them and the leash that attaches me to Missy was not far enough to get any real distance. Missy seemed too calm so I started to pull her in one direction versus circling her feet. I don’t think she fully understood that she and I were under attack. Finally, Missy and I ran  toward the house, trying to escape the drops, but we were out numbered. The sky started tossing down more and more wet drops and then bigger wet drops. We were soaking wet and the sky turned dark by the time we finally made it back home. And then, the house started to shake. I think The Wind was trying to attack the house to get me. Between you and I, The Wind clearly has anger issues. Thankfully though, The Wind is gone now. Though the drops are still being thrown at the house. We have decided to wait it out. I’m still not convinced that I can trust the great outside world for a while yet.  I mean. I can’t go back out there. I’m telling you. I don’t know how the other dogs do it. How do they still go outside?….

Well, I guess it’s not all scary all the time. After all, those squirrels are fun to play with.”



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