The Sunny Chronicles: Yea, I’m cool!

October 2002

“I know, I know. It sounds  like I’m full of myself, but friends, trust me when I say ‘I’m cool’. Because, I kinda am. Missy lets me wear the coolest sweaters when it’s cold out. She lets me wear the coolest doggles when I’m going to ride in the car, or run around the grass for a long time. Missy even lets me hold on to her shoulder so I can see the world from a higher level. I mean, if that doesn’t mean I’m cool, I don’t know what does. Also, I’ve ridden on a motorcycle. Now, I don’t condone riding on motorcycles. It’s pretty scary and I have never opted to ride on that again, but a dog and a motorcycle are probably two of the coolest things ever. Being a dog is the best!! And did I mention that I can play when I want, sleep where I want, and I get constant snuggles when I want? Oh! Oh! And did I mention I have the cutest puppy-dog eyes?

boo flirty pose

Missy says no one can resist my puppy-dog eyes. I’m pretty sure even I would melt if I saw me.

Okay. So why am I telling you about how cool I am? Because I think it’s a dog thing and I think you should let your dog be as cool as me too. Trust me, you’ll love having a cool dog in your life. We’re pretty awesome.”

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