Sometimes, you just need to cry…

I don’t understand it, but it’s true. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the same for guys. I just know that it’s what people say about girls being “emotional” and my girlfriends agree – sometimes you just need to cry. I don’t mean the whole…

“boo-hoo, they got my fancy latte order wrong and now my day is ruined and I don’t understand why the world is against me and my first world problems exist so that I can have something to complain about like everyone else”

type of faux-cry. I mean that …

“deep, in the pit of your stomach, uneasiness that comes out of nowhere despite life being great with the sun shining and the love of your life sitting right next to you but that Hallmark commercial with the puppy just made you run for the Kleenex”

type of heart wrenching cry. I don’t get and I’m not sure if I ever will. Is it the same for people who are living their dream, filled with purpose? Or is that the reason behind that cry – the lacking a life of purpose?

I haven’t had one of those cries in a while but this evening, as my grandmother was struggling on a task, she started to cry and called out to God for help. She said nothing was wrong.



I left her for a few minutes and she started to cry out again. I tried to reassure her that yes, her life is difficult, but she’s strong and we are all here to help. She didn’t really understand what I was saying at all and said she was fine and not crying. But I could tell she was still upset. She cried out again for a third time. I washed her face, I combed my fingers through her hair as she once did for me when I was a little girl, and just tried to have her relax so she could hopefully go to sleep.

Maybe she was just overly tired. Maybe she didn’t know what was wrong. Or, maybe she just needed a good cry.

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