The Sunny Chronicles: Our first day apart

October 2002

“It is overwhelming being in a new home with new people and new animals but Missy made our space so much fun. I have toys and soft beds. Missy lets me sleep in the bed with her too. We even have a pet bunny rabbit named Charlie Brown and a couple of turtles! (FYI – Charlie Brown is way cooler than the turtles). But today was a particularly difficult day.

I was getting comfortable being around everyone and traveling with Missy everywhere she goes until she left. She left me. SHE LEFT ME ALONE! Okay, Charlie Brown was still there in his cage but, Missy left me! She said she would be back soon but what does that mean? I cried and barked for her to come back to me. I cried and barked loudly for a really long time but she didn’t hear me. Surely she didn’t mean to leave me alone with Charlie Brown? I mean, if she took those books out of that bag, there would definitely be enough space for me.

And right when I think I’m doomed to an eternity with Charlie Brown and the turtles, nervous that I’ll run out of water and food, Missy finally comes home. I was exhausted but so happy to see her. I ran and barked and jumped on her. I licked her face. I know she says it was “only” 5 hours but it felt like days. And now she says she has to leave again tomorrow. What’s that all about? All I know is, she’s back home and life is good again. There’s no need to worry about tomorrow. Especially now that I know Missy will always come back for me. So, I’m going to enjoy today. Right now. Missy is home and we are back together. No need to worry about anything.”

17 thoughts on “The Sunny Chronicles: Our first day apart

    • Hi Olive! Thanks for the comment. I did try that..well actually it was the TV… but those first few days were difficult because no matter what, Sunny still barked. She was only 3-4 months old at the time. She’s way better now. She’s 13 so she’s actually fine when we leave because she can get into more trouble that way. But we still also leave music on for her -classical music.

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