The Sunny Chronicles: My first experience of autumn

October 2012

There is a crisp coolness in the air. It’s invigorating and all I want to do is jump around and play. My fur fluffs up more as I run down the block. My nails tapping on the concrete as I go faster and faster. Inhaling all of the fresh scents, my nose begins to water. How incredible! When we finally make it to the park, I feel the grass has a different moistness. It must be the dew. But I haven’t even told you the best part yet. As I chase the pigeons around (we’re friends, they know me), I spot a large mound the sounds crunchy. She calls it a pile of leaves. Leaves? Leaves! I instinctively jump right in! Have you tried this? If not, you should. I’ve decided that the best day so far, is a day when I get to jump in a pile of leaves. Every jump releases a brand new smell. Every landing feels slightly different and exciting. When I leap, it’s a rush. Leaves – the best invention ever!

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