The Sunny Chronicles: Our first day

October 5, 2002

I have been in this bright white box for 3 days. I am alone and confused. And the grates on the floor hurt my feet. I do not know that my entire life is about to change again. But that is exactly what will happen today. As I am carried out of my cage, I stay very still. As I am put in a room with two strangers, I walk slowly around the room, barely sniffing the strangers, and I sit at the girl’s feet. And then I start gently munching on the edge of her jeans. Why not, right? I don’t know what else they want me to do. I’m brought back to the bright white box. I’m alone again. And then, I’m not. I’m carried out and hurried to the back. I’m bathed quickly and get a pink bow tied on my hair and I’m in the girl’s arms.


Unimpressed by the bow, I struggle to take it off my head. I don’t know what is going on but I do know that I want this bow off of my head. Like ASAP! In the car, the girl helps me take off the bow. Sigh! Life is good again. While we traveled around that day, I snuggled in a small bag to meet some of the girl’s friends and family. These select few will become my core family and soon, the girl and I are inseparable. I cry whenever she leaves me but boy am I over the moon when she comes back. I love my new family. And I’ll never leave.



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